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Mobile Cafe - Est 2019

Mobile Cafe - Est 2019Mobile Cafe - Est 2019

The 2020 season is fast approaching!  Call or email now to book The Mitt Mobile for your upcoming events!

We Cater:

We will work with you to come up with the best menu for your guest's needs.  Catering Menu Coming, Soon!  Phone or email now for more information and to book The Mitt Mobile for your special events.

Files coming soon.

Where can you find us?

Summer 2020

Upcoming Events:


3rd: Born Colorado Brewing

10th: Inglewood Night Market

16th: Westjet

31st: Born Colorado Brewing


6th: Skyview Food Truck Rally

9th: Marda Gras Street Festival

21st: Bridgeland Night Market


4th: Born Colorado Brewing

About Us


Dedicated to Quality

The Mitt Mobile is a self-proclaimed Mobile Cafe.  We joined the line-up of Calgary Food Trucks during the summer of 2019.  

Serving up toasted sandwiches, fries, desserts, specialty coffees and teas.  All items are prepared by hand, in the truck and local, in-season produce and products are used whenever possible.  

We're doing it right: All of our take away cups, containers, straws and cutlery is compostable.  We use paper bags, and the few things we can't get made of compostable materials are recyclable!  Our truck is fully run on propane. 


Stay Awhile

Set yourself up at one of our tables, have a chat with a friend and enjoy the sunshine, wherever you find us!


Custom Cakes

Need a cake for that special someone's birthday, anniversary, party?   Need a cake just because (no judgement)?  We have you covered!  Whatever your needs (keto, Gluten friendly, nut free, or just "regular"), just ask and we will deliver (literally)!

Where did it all begin?

Crazy Mitten Girl

Crazy Mitten Girl (or Erin, as she was known then), was born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia many years ago (ha).  The youngest of 3 girls, she grew up in the country, frequently running around in the woods like an absolute nut (hence the "Crazy" in her future title; it was a long time coming).

Over the years, Erin developed a love for food; baking and serving people decadent offerings.  The first thing she remembers making by herself is scrambled eggs, and next would likely be brownies found in her Mum's recipe box under "Chocolate Layer Cookies".

A huge combination of life-events and memories led to Erin's want to open her own cafe (as I'm sure can be said for most entrepreneurs in their paths).  Some highlights are rainy day soup and toasted sandwiches with her Dad growing up, sneaking treats into friend's mail boxes and an overall feeling of comfort in cozy cafes that have been visited over the years.

Now, skip ahead to high school when Erin met some of her very best friends.  During a visit, some of Erin's nuttiness surfaced in the form of some good old fashioned kitchen-dancing and she had mittens with her that she then proceeded to bop on the head of the youngest sister (you know who you are), during said dancing.  And so, a new name was assigned (rightly so).  

Eventually this name got shortened to "Mitten", or "Mitt" and anytime she was driving these friends around they exclaimed "To the Mitt Mobile!"  

Pair all of this with  super-supportive friends, encouraging feedback and wonderful experiences working with people in food and beverage settings and you have the beginnings of a business dream.  


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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to find our new daily location!

The Mitt Mobile

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(306) 914-0303

Follow us @themittmobile on social media to see where we're parked, today!  Frequent haunts include: Calgary Central Library, River Off Leash Park, McHugh Bluff.  If you have recommendations for other destinations, please let us know!