Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(306) 914-0303

Mobile Cafe - Est 2019

Find us at the Inglewood Night Market this Friday night!

Espresso-Based Coffee


12 and 16 oz lattes - $4-$4.50

cappuccinos - $3.75

12 and 16 oz americanos - $3.5-$4

espresso (double) - $2

extra shot (double) - $1.5

2% and dairy free milk available

decaf available

We use: Certified Organic Fair Trade Spirit Bear Raven Espresso

Other Beverages


12 and 16 oz hot chocolates - $4-$4.5

12 and 16 oz mochas - $4.5-$5

12 and 16 oz london fogs - $4.5-$5

12 and 16 oz "regular" coffee - $2.75-$3

16 oz iced latte - $4.5

16 oz iced green coffees - $4

canned lemon san pellegrino - $2.5

water - $2.5

pepsi, 7up, diet gingerale, fresca - $2

2% and dairy free (oat) milk available

We use: Certified Organic Fair Trade Spirit Bear Eagle Medium Roast



english breakfast

earl grey



We use:  Two Leaves and a Bud Teas

no extra charge for oat milk

flavor syrups are +.25

Toasted Sandwiches


-breakfast sandwich-

crispy fried bacon, cheddar, tomato and mayo toasted to melt-y glory 

- available while bacon quantities last, daily - 


-grilled cheese sandwich-

swiss, parmesan, white and yellow cheddar melted to perfection between 2 bits of crispy, white bread


-bbq jackfruit toastie- 

jackfruit with a sweet and a little bit spicy bbq sauce, sandwiched between gouda and crispy white bread


-smoked turkey pesto-

basil pesto, locally smoked turkey, swiss, tomato and mayo toasted on white


Gluten friendly (+$1 - bread from Lakeview Bakery) and dairy free cheese slices (+$1), are available upon request.

Gluten friendly sandwiches are cooked on the stove-top, in a separate pan to ensure that we take every precaution to avoid cross-contamination.

Non gluten free bread is from Cobs.



no soup this week!  its hot!

Fries and Extras


-fries with garlic aioli-

crispy, lightly salted fries served with garlic aioli on the side; ketchup, white and malt vinegar are also available



crispy, lightly salted fries served with homemade gravy and quebec cheese curds


Our fryer, though in a small kitchen that contains gluten and meat, has never fried glutinous products, or meat of any variety.

Sweet Tid-Bits


-choc-chip cookie ice cream cake- 




-mint chocolate brownie bottom cheesecake-

served with whipped cream and fresh berries


Decadent Delights


Where can you find us?